This is a special message for our valued readers.

Short version:

We have a new paywall system. Please reset your password and, if you’re an individual subscriber, when your subscription expires, plug in your card details. You should be good to go after that but if not, reach us here:

For your information, we have updated our subscription options, privacy policy and terms of service. Thanks!

Long version:

It’s was a tough summer, to be honest.

In June we learned that our paywall provider would raise its rates. We had been paying 2.9 percent. So on a $100 annual subscriber we were charged $2.90 plus a nominal transaction fee. Great deal for a little company like ours, even if the system came with certain limitations. But the increase was 10 percentage points! We were always planning to switch to a new setup (due to the limitations) but now our timing was forced. So we started investigating alternatives and testing new software.

Then our website broke. More than once. You may have noticed. Sorry about that.

It was on and off again for two months. Oh, the stress!

Email went down. In fact, if we have mysteriously not responded to an email of yours, please try again.

We gave our hosting company too many chances. We finally decided to switch.

Now we’re on a new server. Assuming all stays well, we can look forward to bringing forth some new features, including easier login, comments, guest posts and more.

Thank you for your interest, and for keeping it interesting.

Now, back to our day jobs…

David and Jay
The Company Dime