Industry Vets And A Newbie Muse On Travel Management Metrics That Matter

Some travel management pros see service level agreements with travel management companies as pretty much worthless. SLAs can be hard to measure or validate, and they produce little actionable information. Others view SLAs as integral parts of TMC relationships. Without them, how do the two sides baseline performance, uncover service deficiencies and track improvement?

From Nathan Haydn-Myer's perspective as head of operations and insights for VSP Global’s procurement and travel division, certain SLAs have a place if they're used in the right context. He favors customer service metrics relevant to his organization. He . . .

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Author: David Jonas

David Jonas in 2006 co-founded business media firm after ten years as a journalist with Business Travel News. David rejoined BTN in 2010 as executive editor when its parent company acquired ProMedia, and in 2014 co-created The Company Dime. David has a bachelor's degree in communications from Cornell University.
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