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Amex GBT Claims ‘Highest’ Net Promoter Scores Based On McKinsey Survey It Won’t Share

Among the materials made public last week by American Express Global Business Travel was a chart showing how the Net Promoter Score for Egencia and Amex GBT exceeded those of some key rivals, in some cases by quite a bit. GBT didn’t conduct the study; McKinsey & Co. ran it in July and August for…

Amex GBT To Go Public, Banking On SME Growth And Overall Recovery Of At Least 70 Percent By 2023

American Express Global Business Travel on Friday announced that it would offer 15 percent of its shares to the public via a merger with special purpose acquisition company Apollo Strategic Growth Capital. Expected to close during the first half of next year, the deal values Amex GBT at roughly $5 billion, would generate up to…

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