The Future Of Hotel Design

By Elaine Glusac, a freelance travel journalist who contributes to The New York Times and other publications. Her article is republished here with permission as part of our licensing program. We welcome your comments below. Hotel occupancy is down 50 percent nationally in the pandemic-stifled world of travel. While hundreds of hotels nationwide remain closed…

Travel Incorporated’s Voice Data Solution Nears Launch As Other Developers Show Mixed Enthusiasm

Georgia-based Travel Incorporated expects later this month to publish its voice-response assistant on Amazon’s Alexa Skills store. The product remained in the design stage for nearly two years as the travel management company learned how users interacted. Some other providers that built natural language technology reported tepid interest. It was an interactive storyboard concept that solved…

Prime Numbers Is Among Those Teaching Alexa About Travel Programs

Prime Numbers Technology is about to add to the small list of skills performed by Amazon Alexa for travel managers. The tech company’s clients soon will be asking the device about their programs and industry benchmarks. It’s not the only industry data firm building voice-activated travel management question-and-answer exchanges. Travel Incorporated is one travel management…

Want Data Insights? Travel Inc. Says Ask Alexa

Voice-assisted search is exploding, and along with it comes the opportunity for traveler service and transactions. What about data? A number of companies are looking into this, but Atlanta-based Travel Incorporated aims to be the first corporate travel provider to release a working product. Building off its proprietary reporting tool, Evolution, a new Travel Inc….

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