Altour senior vice president of sales Doug Payne on Tuesday evening became the second member of GBTA’s board of directors to confirm their resignation amid the controversy surrounding the organization’s CEO. 

Payne’s move follows that of Boeing’s Kathy Briski, who resigned on Friday.

“Altour believes strongly in the importance of GBTA and its role in the industry and will continue to support the organization,” according to a statement from a press official with Altour parent Travel Leaders Group. “Altour cannot comment on the ongoing GBTA investigation.”

The board has initiated an investigation into allegations of misconduct submitted by an unidentified set of employees.

The board now has 12 members including CEO Scott Solombrino’s non-voting position. On administrative leave, Solombrino presumably is not currently involved with GBTA business.

The remaining board members are Tricia Alsup of Dollar General, United’s Jack Cefolia, Best Western’s Dorothy Dowling, Gloria Gonzalez of Freeman Co., BCD Travel’s Will Pinnell, Johnson Downie’s Christle Johnson (chairperson), Bhart Sarin of Ingredion Inc. (president), PayPal’s Denise Truso (vice president), Rita Visser of Oracle, Facebook’s Erin Wilk and NetApp’s Mark Ziegler.

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  1. High profile resignations are more than just a vote of dis-satisfaction. They are a clear indication that these professionals and the brands they represent do not want to be associated in any way with the present GBTA leadership. Sadly, general membership defections are sure to follow if this present situation is allowed to devolve any further. Any investigation must be thorough, swift and totally transparent in order to restore confidence in the organization. If what has happened behind the scenes is anywhere close to what is already out in the public domain, Solombrino should do the honorable thing and resign.

    Ethical leadership, fair dealing and order need to be restored. Insulting, threatening and bullying must be dispatched … permanently.

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