Finding The Logic In Airfare Policies

The question of what's logical in a lowest logical airfare policy has always had more than one answer. There's much more now for program managers to think about than when such policies came into vogue in the late 1990s.

In general, the lowest logical airfare is the cheapest available at the time of booking that abides by corporate policies without causing undue inconvenience or discomfort. One traditional consideration relates to whether companies insist travelers book a connecting itinerary if it's much cheaper than a nonstop. Others are about booking windows, alternate airports and dollar thresholds. Some lowest . . .

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Author: David Jonas

David Jonas in 2006 co-founded business media firm after ten years as a journalist with Business Travel News. David rejoined BTN in 2010 as executive editor when its parent company acquired ProMedia, and in 2014 co-created The Company Dime. David has a bachelor's degree in communications from Cornell University.