WhereTo Wants To Be The Large Enterprise’s Business Travel Startup

A newish company with a not-so-new travel manager, Snap Inc. may invite new corporate booking tool WhereTo to bid on its business this summer. Just being in the conversation is a boost for WhereTo, which has been working behind the scenes for a few years with a large, press-shy corporate patron. For big U.S.-based companies,…

Liberalized European Rail Market Will Mean More Choices, And For Corporate Travel Aggregation, More Challenges

The Europe Union next year is set to complete the transition to a single market for rail services. The result should be more choice for consumers and pressure on incumbent operators to up their games.  Providers of business travel management will have to deal with an influx of new services challenging the state monopolies. According…

Rail Revolution? A Travel Pro Can Dream

Announcing plans to acquire a majority stake in rail distribution and IT firm SilverRail, Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi last month said rail was “ready for an online revolution.” It can’t come too soon. Attempting to integrate rail content into corporate travel programs is not for the faint of heart. The rail sector is fragmented, inconsistent and disconnected….

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