New York — Amadeus IT Group is working with other industry players on some sort of standards initiative related to privacy and, specifically, the General Data Protection Regulation. Earlier industry efforts on a code of conduct never got off the ground.

“We have taken a collaborative approach to GDPR,” Amadeus North America general counsel Jorge Reynardus told attendees to a World Travel Inc. conference here last month. “We have ongoing discussions with major airlines and travel agencies in Europe to come up with standardized ways of managing GDPR in our industry.”

He gave the example of notifying travelers in the case of a breach. In travel, a breach often impacts multiple suppliers. Would a traveler benefit from receiving notices from each one?

“No,” said Reynardus. “It would be confusing and terrible for the individual.”

What would be helpful is one notice, which requires collaboration.

“Our approach is to try to get our heads around what’s best for the consumer and propose that to the regulators,” said Reynardus. “That’s an ongoing process you will hear about at some point. There will be white papers and industry discussion before the regulators are approached.”

An Amadeus press official confirmed the existence of the effort, but declined to elaborate.

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