Airlines Reporting Corp. (ARC) announced the completion of a proof of concept with Blockskye for the use of blockchain in corporate travel. The billing and settlement company also revealed the previously unnamed airline participant, United Airlines. It did not name the participating corporate account.

ARC today described the pilot for reporting and settlement of United tickets as successfully completed.

“We are actively working to explore blockchain’s potential across all of ARC’s product offerings, especially our world-class settlement system,” according to a statement attributed to ARC VP and CIO Dickie Oliver. “In the case of direct or indirect ticket sales, we believe blockchain has the potential to provide a secure, distributed and immutable transaction record that will improve upon business processes that exist today.”

As part of the test, “ARC’s secure system tracked ticket lifecycles from issuance through settlement and identified all transaction modifications through smart contracts,” the company stated.

“This proof of concept has allowed us to demonstrate the innovative capabilities that this technology enables, but more importantly, to simplify the payment and booking process for the corporate travelers and their employers,” according to Jeff Christensen, managing director of distribution and ancillary pricing at United Airlines. “Time-consuming processes such as receipt collection for expense reports can be greatly improved, which will give travelers more time to be productive.”

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