CWT this week ended its relationship with the Global Business Travel Association.

“Whilst we appreciate the actions you have taken in the light of recent developments surrounding the alleged conduct of Scott Solombrino, we are disappointed that no resolution has been reached concerning these matters to date and are concerned at the wider negative impact that further delay may cause,” according to a June 30 letter to GBTA board chair Christle Johnson.

Obtained by The Company Dime, the letter was signed by CWT VP and head of external market communications and public relations Julian Walker.

“As a result — and because the behavioural allegations are of a nature so abhorrent to our own code of conduct and totally at odds with both our corporate and personal values – CWT is ceasing corporate membership of GBTA with effect from midnight (EDT) on 30 June 2020, and with it any participation and association by our employees on GBTA boards, committees, events or projects, plus any individual memberships which are paid for directly, or indirectly, by CWT,” Walker wrote.

According to a June 26 letter from the GBTA board to interested parties, “We are listening – and we also want what you want – for GBTA as an organization to be beyond reproach and function as a passionate, effective, and respected voice for the business travel industry. We will not rest until these shared goals have been achieved.”

The investigation, the board wrote, was “progressing and moving towards completion. Once the investigation has been concluded, we will keep our word to be as transparent as possible and quickly communicate. This moment means too much to GBTA and our industry not to take the time necessary to get it right.”

Walker indicated that CWT would reconsider its participation in GBTA if there is a “satisfactory outcome of the enquiries” and if the organization “is able to demonstrate clearly that it is, to our thinking, fit and proper to represent our industry.”

SAP Concur 10 days ago announced a similarly strong rebuke.

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  1. Bravo CWT for taking a cue from SAP Concur and a growing volume of buyers to align company values with the organizations you support. Integrity counts.

  2. As a former GBTA Board Member, former buyer and employee of CWT, I am proud to work for a company that stands up for our values and integrity.

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