On our fifth podcast episode, Jay Campbell and David Jonas chat with travel risk management providers at iJet International and International SOS about client response to the Nov. 13 terrorist attacks in Paris. Offering their insights are iJet’s John Rose and Charlie Terry as well as Tim Daniel and Gwendoline Pichon de Vendeuil of International SOS. We talked about tracking travelers and the importance of preparation.

Speaking at the Philadelphia Business Travel Association’s Nov. 18 event, Ametek travel commodity manager Donna Bibbo describes her experience of the crisis, and what it means for her program.

The podcast concludes with a recording we made in September at the Society of Collegiate Travel and Expense Management conference in Virginia. GoldSpring Consulting’s Colleen Black and Concur’s Tom Wilkinson joined us in talking to travel risk management expert Charles Brossman about duty of loyalty, duty of carenew entrants and Concur’s TripLink as a potential solution.