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In Two Big Travel Management Company Accessibility Programs, No Extra Charge

Serving people with disabilities may cost more for travel management companies, but two big ones said clients won’t be asked to cover that. CWT is poised to unveil a new accessibility program. American Express Global Business Travel announced one in December. Amex GBT director of global VIP strategy Penny Clauson runs her company’s service, which…

Dispatch 8

With cost savings from NDC “not turning out to be what it was meant to be,” Air France’s chief commercial officer last week lambasted American Airlines‘ distribution plan. “American Airlines is leading the way — they think they’re leading the way — in new distribution strategies,” said Angus Clarke during an Air France-KLM Group investor…

Blockskye’s Disruption Accelerates After Years In Stealth

Last week, American Express Global Business Travel’s CEO pointed to Blockskye as offering something “genuinely new.” He wasn’t the first leader in Amex’s orbit to recognize the emerging player. During a Skift event in September, Amex GBT chairman Greg O’Hara referenced, without naming all the names, PwC’s decision to move its North America travel program…

Notebook: The Beat Live

New York — First up on the agenda at The Beat Live here Tuesday was American Express Global Business Travel CEO Paul Abbott, interviewed by The Beat editor-in-chief Jay Boehmer. AmTrav CEO Jeff Klee followed with a keynote speech and then Scott Laurence, American Airlines SVP of partnerships and retailing, took a few questions. Highlights follow….

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