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Travel Manager Leads Cross-Department Project To Look After Remote Workers

If you asked EPAM Systems director of global travel, expense and credit card Donna Rufo last November what kept her up at night, she would have said employees working outside their home countries without the company’s knowledge. These scenarios raise insurance, tax and immigration concerns, potentially leaving workers unsupported and employers exposed to financial and…

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Growth In Contactless Payment Acceptance Creates Opportunity For Virtual Cards

The sharp increase in U.S. merchant contactless payment capability during the pandemic is increasing the appeal of virtual payment by tackling one of its many challenges. For all their well-documented strengths in terms of controls, fraud prevention, data quality and velocity, compliance, reduction in manual processes, ease of distribution and support for infrequent travelers, virtual…

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As Off-Channel Capture Solutions Evolve, Demand For Policy Compliance Grows

The latest research shows that as an outcome of the pandemic, more companies will expect employees to make reservations with their designated travel management companies. This makes sense for duty of care, spend management and carbon tracking. Meanwhile, providers of third-party solutions that help capture most of what isn’t booked in-channel continue to add capabilities….

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CWT Chief Executive Ekert Expects More ‘Big Brother’ Travel Management (Audio)

Liability risks will force some companies to use strict pre-trip approval and booking channel policies for the foreseeable future, according to CWT president and CEO Kurt Ekert. “This is not leisure travel, where the consumer is making a decision for their individual pleasure,” said Ekert last week during a Teleconference. “If you’re asking somebody to…

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Tech Firms Partner To Help Travelers Use Negotiated Hotel Rates When Booking Direct

Remember the good old days when corporate travel professionals would see 50 percent compliance to preferred booking channels for lodging as a big challenge? Nowadays, 50 percent of anything would be everything. Still, duty of care calls for companies that expect to travel again to address this issue, ensuring relevance for the question of whether…

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Reporter’s Notebook: Communication Breakdowns, Policy Leakage, Virtual Pay, Government (In)action

With no one conducting in-person corporate events, the industry calendar is filled with webinars and other virtual programming. No one can listen to it all. Nor should they want to; many are beset by technical difficulties or stray too far into supplier marketing. But plenty deliver education for travel management pros and enable networking, benchmarking…


On Plugging Leakage, Nothing New Except The Urgency

There is now plenty of justification for senior managers to authorize, and business travelers to follow, tighter booking-channel policies. For companies unable to mandate that all bookings go through designated channels, the case for data capture solutions like CapTrav, Traxo or TripLink is stronger than ever. It’s not just about where travelers are or where…