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For Deem And Others, Accessibility Is About Leveraging Mobile, Standards And Big Tech

As corporate travel event organizers and information providers continued to highlight Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, the needs of travelers with disabilities this year came to the fore. The BTN Group this summer ran an online event diving into the challenges of accessibility in travel. The topic found its way to other trade publications and one…


Delta Attack On SAP Concur Epitomizes Growing Impatience In Airline Distribution

With uncharacteristic bluntness, two key providers in corporate travel this month separately identified inhibitors to progress. A Delta distribution exec urged buyers to pressure SAP Concur to get its act together. Sabre leaders criticized widely used corporate airfare policies as archaic. And it’s not just them; perhaps the pandemic is a boon for plain speaking….


Expecting More Non-GDS Fares, Air Canada To Launch Tool For Travel Agencies To Service Direct Bookings And Access NDC

Air Canada 18 years ago debuted fare families, a response to low-cost competition that set off a revolution in airline pricing. The company’s decision shortly thereafter to make some fares exclusive to its direct channels augured similar moves more than a decade later by big carriers in Europe and elsewhere. Is Montréal changing the game…


Should Passengers Be Vaccinated Or Tested To Fly Within The U.S.?

By travel writer Heather Murphy. By the holiday season, flying will have changed dramatically for Americans returning to the United States from abroad. They will be asked to show proof that they are vaccinated, to commit to two coronavirus tests if they are not and to participate in a new contact-tracing system. For Americans traveling…


Biden Outlines A Plan For Cleaner Jet Fuel. But How Clean Would It Be?

By Hiroko Tabuchi, a climate reporter based in New York. At first glance, it’s a big step forward in curbing climate change. In a deal announced last week, the Biden administration and the airline industry agreed to an ambitious goal of replacing all jet fuel with sustainable alternatives by 2050, a target meant to drive…


Governments Pressed To Help Standardize Digital Health Documentation For Travel As Private Efforts Proliferate

The Travel and Tourism Advisory Board of the U.S. Commerce Department is attempting to collaborate with other U.S. federal agencies to spur development of standards and digital interoperability for traveler documentation of Covid-19 vaccinations and test results. On Wednesday, TTAB chair and CWT president and CEO Kurt Ekert outlined the effort’s goals and challenges during…


Can I Get There From Here? Interline Deals Might Help

Due to the pandemic, global airline capacity fell by 58 percent last year compared with 2019, according to IATA. In the first week of this year, the number of scheduled flights worldwide was down 44 percent. Steep declines in airline capacity exacerbated an old industry problem: the inability of passengers to reach destinations aboard their…