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At the end of September, Travelport reduced its workforce. Sources said the cut was about 10 percent of employees. A media relations official declined to address that figure. “Our goal is to be the industry’s most effective and efficient company, delivering the best technology that enables our customers to be the most modern retailers,” the…

EY Pilots Blockchain To Buttress Airline Contracts

Blockchain is a big deal for EY, so that means it’s a big deal for EY’s travel department. The professional services firm, one of BTN’s top-ten spenders on corporate travel in the United States, will test distributed ledger technology for contract support with an unnamed airline. During a BTN Group-hosted webinar sponsored by the International…

Startup TravelBloc To Leverage Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence In Business Travel Marketplace For Small And Medium-Sized Firms

A startup that checks some of the buzzy boxes is looking to create a business travel marketplace without much of the traditional distribution infrastructure. TravelBloc will target the unmanaged and small and medium-sized business segments. It plans to enlist travel management companies for support and use a global distribution system, but direct connections to airlines…

Op Ed: Mat Domaradzki On Blockchain’s Potential In Corporate Travel

Mat Domaradzki is a travel manager for ConsenSys, a blockchain technology company. The following guest column is adapted from his presentation during a September event held by the New Jersey chapter of the Global Business Travel Association. A successfully managed travel program requires participation and mutual trust among many different parties. For employees, that trust…

Air Canada Puts Its Name Behind Blockchain

Air Canada is in talks with Blockskye and Winding Tree about ways to use their blockchain technologies in distribution, corporate contracts and settlement. Announced in late October, the latter relationship would have the airline connecting its NDC-compliant application programming interface to a public blockchain, according to Air Canada director of global product distribution Keith Wallis….

Blockchain Startups Differ On Paths To Disruption

Will blockchain disrupt processes, companies or nothing at all? The question is playing out in the contrasting market approaches of distribution startups Blockskye and Winding Tree. The former is careful. It’s into change from within. It’s talking to the old guard. The latter is boastful and aggressive. It’s using dubious claims to generate investment interest….

Blockchain Startups Target Travel Distribution

Blockchain digital ledger technology could be used for loyalty programs, corporate contracts, payment, expense management, airport processing, traveler identity and maybe even travel policy and compliance. Innovators also are betting on distribution disruption. With tests beginning in about three weeks, Blockskye aims to shift the power in distribution “back to hotels and airlines” by enabling…

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