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Riot Games Coping With Corporate Travel’s Virtual Card Adolescence

Virtual cards are still a work in progress, but Riot Games travel wizard Sean Parham isn’t ready to give up on them. He’s now on his second try. The intended benefits — reduced fraud, easier reconciliation and a seamless traveler experience including an easier expense process — are just too tempting. Last year Parham pulled the…

Virtual Payment: Just (Kill) The Fax

Virtual payment remains a hot topic in managed business travel. The benefits for companies that employ non-cardholding travelers are clear. Not resolved, however, are the headaches associated with faxing card authorizations. Travel managers wonder why the hotel industry can’t get its act together. It’s not as easy as they would hope. Choice Hotels has received praise for one initiative it’s testing,…

Visa, United Add Key Piece To Ancillary Reporting Puzzle

It was a long time coming, but standardized, global credit card reporting on ancillary airline spending is finally in place — at least for United Airlines’ corporate accounts using Visa cards. The airline in April began sending data through Visa using defined category formats that identify things like bag fees, upgrades and inflight WiFi. Using…

Virtual Payment Attracts Competition In Cindy Allen’s PayForTrip

[UPDATE, Feb 3, 2017: We published new information related to this article here.] Late of Concur, Cindy Allen and Kathy Burns are looking to cash in on growing interest in the benefits of virtual cards. Their newly unveiled firm, PayForTrip, is the first startup from Allen’s Team Catalyst Holdings. Burns is PayForTrip’s chief commercial officer. PayForTrip will…

What To Know About The Chip Card Shift

A liability shift in October will transfer responsibility for covering U.S. card payment fraud to the party with less secure payment technology. Cards with chips are considered safer because they generate a unique code for each transaction, making counterfeiting seemingly impossible. Merchant locations without terminals capable of reading chip cards will be on the hook…

Despite Published Info, Apple Pay Still Not Available For Corporate Cards

[UPDATE, April 8, 2016: We published new information related to this article here.] Some travel managers and TMCs are fielding questions about when Apple Pay will be available for corporate card users, but don’t trust the website. At press time, Apple showed five institutions as providers of corporate cards supporting Apple Pay. They weren’t exactly commercial payment heavyweights, but it…

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