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As Finance Leaders Discuss Digital Transformation, Scholar Advises Companies To Shrink Administrative Departments And Pool Their Resources

New York — You hear it all the time: Business travel is an investment. Do corporations really believe that? Are they savvy enough to do anything but arbitrarily cut when times get tough? Travel generally isn’t top of mind for finance professionals, but those speaking at a conference here last week showed that getting smarter…

World Travel Inc. Partners With Rome-Based Tech Firm For Reporting Chatbot

Few things jazz up Rock Blanco more than new platforms, which helps him stay cool in the face of trial and error. Such is the World Travel Inc. chief innovation officer’s relationship with Alexa, whom he had to dump for a friendlier dance partner. Now, World Travel is working with Rome-based Askdata on a conversational…

EY’s Use Of Robotics In Travel Management Is Rare, But A Sign Of Things To Come

EY is using robotic process automation to power an internal TripAdvisor-like review platform and an internal social network showing travelers which colleagues are traveling to the same places. These programs build on other ways the London-based, $35 billion multinational professional services firm uses RPA, such as reviewing bookings and challenging those who booked out of…

Want Data Insights? Travel Inc. Says Ask Alexa

Voice-assisted search is exploding, and along with it comes the opportunity for traveler service and transactions. What about data? A number of companies are looking into this, but Atlanta-based Travel Incorporated aims to be the first corporate travel provider to release a working product. Building off its proprietary reporting tool, Evolution, a new Travel Inc….

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