BCD Travel said it added Pana, the startup specializing in recruiting and other non-employee travel, to its SolutionSource authorized third-party tech and service marketplace. The platform helps iron out the on-boarding process for third-party providers with BCD Travel clients. Existing participants include Freebird, Rocketrip, Tripbam and Yapta.

Managing travel for contractors, recruits, interns and the like is challenging because these travelers tend not to have profiles or proper payment mechanisms. Trips booked outside normal systems represent leakage with regard to reporting and duty of care.

Using Pana, corporate clients can specify preferred suppliers and create payment and reimbursement processes. Pana agents then serve these travelers, including via chat communications.

The partnership allows BCD Travel clients to make their negotiated rates available to Pana through whichever GDS they use. It also allows the parties to bring these Pana bookings into BCD’s systems for data capture. Corporate clients pay Pana directly for its work.

BCD Travel officials said they believed the partnership was the first of its kind. However, it does not mean Pana’s services will be exclusive to BCD.

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