This Is The 570 – A Compilation Of Interviews, Multimedia And Narrative About The Pandemic’s Impact On Corporate Travel Jobs

We Thought It Would Only Last A Few Months

Since its founding in 2014, The Company Dime has focused its attention on the business of business travel, a subject for which a typical week’s headlines might capture the rollout of new productivity-enhancing technology, the acquisition of a travel agency or a dustup between airlines and distributors. Then, in 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic visited devastating consequences upon the industry we have devoted the preponderance of our careers writing about.

Corporate Travel Pros Sidelined By Covid-19 Endure Marathons To Restart Careers

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Professionals getting back on the road and again attending industry trade shows and events won’t see some familiar faces within the ranks of their peer network. Many of those who were forced into furloughs or endured layoffs due to the pandemic-caused economic collapse have since returned to work. A significant percentage of corporate travel workers, however, remain on the hunt for a job.

Employment Advisors To Seekers: It’s All About Relationships (w/Audio)

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For millions of professionals who lost jobs during the global Covid-19 pandemic, unemployment can feel like standing outside the walls of a members-only event without an admission ticket. This may particularly be the case for those who were employed in travel, an industry with a mature workforce in which decades-long tenure is common and the median age is 46.

Five Of The 570: A Roundtable Discussion With Travel Industry Devotees

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This is an abridged transcript of The 570 Roundtable, a discussion among corporate travel industry professionals who met May 5, 2021, via Zoom to share personal stories and job-hunting tips and challenges. They wound up getting into what it really means to be part of the business travel community. The original transcript has been edited for clarity and brevity.

To Fill Millions Of Open Jobs, Many Workers Need More Than Skills

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Rachelle Katchenago of Menasha, Wisc., lost her job as a call-center contract worker last year after the pandemic lockdowns took hold. No one was hiring. Katchenago, 37, eventually heard of career courses, paid for by Microsoft as part of a Covid relief program. She plunged in, learning online customer service and sales skills, hoping to improve her employment prospects.

Special Thanks
The Company Dime would like to thank these industry professionals for their help with this project: Mindy Berger, Maria Chevalier, Barbara Dirnberger, Mat Domaradzki, Shawn Kumar, Mick Lee, Lea McLeod, Daniel Nettuno, Suzanne Neufang, Jack Purdy, Nick Reid, Shawnda Witterstaetter, Suzanne Wolko and, of course, all members of The 570.