On our fourth podcast episode, Jay Campbell and David Jonas chat with Harriet WashburnJohn Guarneri and Richard Clowes about travel management configurations, insourcing versus outsourcing and the ARC Corporate Travel Department model. Harriet leads a team of category managers serving clients who have outsourced travel and expense management to IBM. Now a consultant with GoldSpring Consulting, John spent a decade as global commodity manager for travel at Philips International, which took advantage of outsourcing. Richard is director of travel operations at software firm SAS, where he runs a CTD program.

Later in the podcast, Jay speaks with Christopherson Business Travel president Mike Cameron during the August meeting of the Utah Business Travel Association. The UBTA flew Jay to Salt Lake City, where he interviewed Mike about how an accountant became a travel management executive, procurement’s view of TMCs, hotel attachment, pre-trip approval, pet peeves like disintermediation and other topics.