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What The American Express Global Business Travel-Egencia Deal Would Mean (Think Hotels)

The planned acquisition by American Express Global Business Travel of Egencia has multiple implications depending on the party in question. For GBT, it’s about scale, particularly in the online midmarket. GBT has long coveted this segment, which has a fresh batch of well-funded competition. The deal will avail GBT’s big corporate accounts of more attractive…

Client Fees As A Percentage Of The Airfare? National Travel Is Trying It

National Travel’s Ted Lawson has read the industry headlines and considered the arguments. His 40-plus years in travel management (after seven in air travel and lodging) and focus on customer service tell him that it’s time for a somewhat retro client pricing model: 3.x percent of the airfare. The x depends on online adoption. “This…

ABC Global Services Puts A New Spin On Agency Consortia Programs For Hotels

ABC Global Services in the coming months plans to use a new GDS rate code for special hotel offers. This type of promotional activity isn’t unique among travel agency consortia, but ABC expects its size and reach to result in some differentiation. According to ABC CEO Eric Altschul, traditional promotional rate programs usually require chains…

Providers: Audit To Improve Hotel Sourcing Results

Companies that do not audit hotel rates and availability are leaving piles of cash on front desks, according to BCD Travel analysis of client data. Without standard rate audits, a firm spending about $20 million annually on hotels overpays them by $490,000, the travel management company found. The same client would save about $900,000 per year using both rate and availability audits….

ABC Global Services Creates Midmarket Hotel Rate Sourcing Service

Aiming to help smaller and middling travel management companies compete with the biggies, ABC Global Services launched a hotel sourcing service targeting midmarket corporate accounts. The program goes beyond the consortia rate program ABC already offers, helping businesses contract in markets where they have enough volume to do better than those group rates. Several other…

Teleconference 2: Hotel Buying

Hotel Buying Oct. 13, 2016 On Teleconference 2, The Company Dime and expert guests examined the dynamics of the ongoing 2017 hotel rate negotiating season. ABC Global Services CEO Eric Altschul, Hilton executive director for business travel sales Maria Chevalier, Festive Road associate Lora Ellis, Anthem travel and events director Cindy Heston and HRS . ….

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