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T-Mobile’s Travelers Are Reforesting Haiti

By | July 31, 2015

Gamification found footing in T-Mobile’s corporate travel program. Yes, travelers get badges and points for complying with corporate policies, but that’s hardly the point. And yes, the compliance push has saved money. But that too isn’t what’s really important. More meaningful is converting some savings into jobs for the impoverished and new lungs for the earth. To pull off the “greenification”… Read More »

Imagine, If You Will, An Ordinary Industry

By | July 31, 2015

[CORRECTION, Aug. 21: Our fact-checking process failed to uncover the fact that nine years ago, Lufthansa was not one of the airlines on whose segments global distribution system firms in the United States started paying lower incentives to travel management companies. This article has been updated, and we apologize for the error.] A month before Lufthansa Group will add… Read More »

Study Shows ROI On Travel Illness Prevention Programs

By | July 24, 2015

When moral or legal obligations aren’t enough, proving the ROI of risk management isn’t easy. A new study offers travel pros some data to make the case for a “return on prevention.” The research finds that measures like pre-travel medical checks and malaria prevention pay back. Belgium-based research and consulting firm Prevent in January released the study, sponsored by the International SOS . . .… Read More »

Grasping At Remedies For The Hotel Data Normalization Headache

By | July 23, 2015

Hotel data normalization. Sounds deadly boring, right? Mention the concept to corporate travel people, and the feeling is more like frustration. Grasp Technologies is testing a remedy that executives claim could actually make the process a snap. They’re not the only ones. Cornerstone Information Systems also has something up its sleeve. Hotel booking data tends to be a… Read More »

Visa, United Add Key Piece To Ancillary Reporting Puzzle

By | July 23, 2015

It was a long time coming, but standardized, global credit card reporting on ancillary airline spending is finally in place — at least for United Airlines’ corporate accounts using Visa cards. The airline in April began sending data through Visa using defined category formats that identify things like bag fees, upgrades and inflight WiFi. Using spending data on… Read More »

Podcast 1: Craig Banikowski, Evan Konwiser, Miriam Moscovici

By | July 22, 2015

On our debut episode from July 2015, Jay Campbell discusses traveler-centric management, gamification, millennials, expense, mobile and social networking with Evan Konwiser and Miriam Moscovici. Evan is vice president of digital traveler for American Express Global Business Travel. Miriam is director of emerging technology for BCD Travel. Later in the podcast, David Jonas interviews Amgen travel buyer and… Read More »

Virtual Payment Attracts Competition In Cindy Allen’s PayForTrip

By | July 21, 2015

[UPDATE, Feb 3, 2017: We published new information related to this article here.] Late of Concur, Cindy Allen and Kathy Burns are looking to cash in on growing interest in the benefits of virtual cards. Their newly unveiled firm, PayForTrip, is the first startup . . . The full article is available to subscribersClick here for purchase and renewal… Read More »