Our tenth podcast episode features the first installment of a panel discussion recorded this week on hotel pricing and distribution strategies. The expert guests are new Miraval Group SVP and CMO Tom Botts, Yapta president and CEO James Filsinger, Navesink Advisory Group’s Flo Lugli and industry veteran Chris Vukelich.

They talked with Jay Campbell and David Jonas about channel conflict — mostly a result of hotels grappling with frenemy online travel agencies — and Hyatt withholding exclusive loyalty program member rates from GDSs. Speakers also delved into the future of hotel commissions in light of Hilton’s trial balloons for lower rates. And they talked about new twists on hotel pricing, including adjusted cancellation policies.

That’s followed by an interview Jay conducted last month with Elizabeth Grygo, director of procurement and travel solutions at Reinsurance Group of America. Elizabeth explained her career progression, from road warrior to finance pro involved in expense management and ultimately to a procurement and travel management practitioner. She also discussed why collaboration is so important, how millennials aren’t much different than their older co-workers and what concerns her most — data quality as it relates to travel risk management and duty of care.