Corporate Travel, Science And Faith: GBTA CEO Scott Solombrino And President Bhart Sarin In Their Own Words

Before he got benched, GBTA CEO Scott Solombrino spent a lot of time recording videoconference conversations about the ongoing health and economic crises. He spoke almost exclusively with executives of travel suppliers that supported the organization. It was part of his effort to create a “media powerhouse,” as he described it to staff. Solombrino didn’t…

With Support Wilting, Solombrino Apologizes And GBTA Board Hires Trusted Legal Partner To Investigate New Allegations

Readers, please note our Disclosure about conflicts of interest at the bottom of this article. The GBTA board of directors asked law firm Polsinelli to review a host of allegations made by current and former staff members against its leadership. Previously undisclosed, the investigation and related claims pile on to what was already a bad…

Feeling The Burn, Travel Suppliers Focus On Cash And Cost Cuts

Lodging and transportation companies lost money in the first quarter and they’re losing more during the second. What matters now is shoring up liquidity and improving cash burn for the second half of the year and into 2021. To bolster reserves, suppliers are taking out loans, tapping into credit facilities, cutting spending and reducing workforces….

Hyatt Enlists Safehotels For Audits, Optional Property Certification

Fulfilling duty of care on lodging is tricky. How far should one travel or security department go to ensure preferred properties meet standards for safety and security? And what are those standards? With government regulations largely limited to fire and food safety, the legislative and legal backdrop is murky. For what’s known as a desktop…

IBM, Travelport Ready Blockchain Service For Commission Processing As Smaller Firms Also Make Progress

Travelport has agreements with “major” hotel and travel management company partners to pilot a hotel commission tracking and collection system using blockchain technology from IBM. Travelport chief architect Mike Croucher said during a Monday interview that he would be disappointed if the initiative did not produce a working solution this year. Other industry efforts to…

Far Off For Business Travel Channels, Attribute-Based Shopping To Be A Hotel Website Reality This Year

Analysts and hoteliers including IHG are exploring a new way of selling rooms that also means a new way of shopping for them. It sounds like the NDC-enabled, personalized offers contemplated for airline purchases. It seems likely to have the same implication of creating a gap in functionality between managed business travel and supplier-direct channels….

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