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Orbitz For Business Clients (Sans IBM) Will Move To Egencia’s Platform

Following Expedia’s acquisition of Orbitz Worldwide, leaders of Egencia and Orbitz for Business have been meeting for about six weeks. On Nov. 16, they informed Orbitz for Business clients they would migrate “in waves” next year to Egencia’s booking systems and other technology. This won’t include IBM, which was one of the biggest Orbitz for Business clients although…

Travel Risk Management Firms Explore Single Sign-On Access

Passwords are annoying. Resetting one in the midst of a crisis is particularly frustrating. But that’s exactly what many corporate managers need to do before finding out if any of their employees are impacted. IJet International on Jan. 1 will offer single sign-on to its systems using credentials that clients store themselves. Part of the travel risk management…

Altour Continues Push Into Managed Accounts With A&I, Top Flight Acquisitions

New York-based Altour International continues to acquire its way into managed corporate travel. It bought a controlling stake in 62-year-old A&I Travel Management in Memphis. Altour expects to announce another U.S.-based deal next week. The company also bought the United Kingdom’s Top Flight Travel Management. Adding to its existing U.K. holdings, the Top Flight deal will bring Altour’s sales…

Moving Comfort From Fee to Fare

[UPDATE, May 25, 2016: Delta now is selling Comfort Plus as a distinct fare type to, from and between certain Asia/Pacific and Latin America markets. For itineraries including those markets, Comfort Plus fares also are available for any associated domestic segments. Exclusions include Argentina, Brazil, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. In excluded markets, Comfort Plus…

Travel Leaders Corporate Asserts Objectivity With New Consultancy

[UPDATE, March 7, 2018: We published new information about this topic here.] About a decade ago the largest travel management companies created consulting units to help organizations with supplier sourcing and other projects. They targeted both existing and non-clients of their TMC services. Few smaller TMCs have followed but now Travel Leaders Corporate is giving it a go. The…

Direct Affront: Hotel Rates And The Familiar Channel Conflict

It’s tough to know if you got the cheapest hotel rate. A lot of that has to do with timing. Published hotel rates, like airfares, fluctuate. Availability changes based on occupancy. Corporate rates aren’t always as accessible as many program managers would like. Some big chains also are more actively favoring direct bookers. They offer various enticements,…

Airfares Are Down In Most U.S. Markets, But Some Pay More Or Get Less

Airfares around the United States generally are falling compared with last year, but exceptions include some pretty big markets. Even where prices aren’t rising, years of capacity reductions in some places mean much less choice, fewer nonstop destinations and lower overall value. This forces travel buyers to rethink their air contracting strategies. Where the loss of air service is extreme,…

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