Policies are a hallmark of managed travel programs. They can address booking channels, supplier selection, allowable purchases, risk management processes and many other areas. Some are guidelines that encourage travelers. Others are requirements that employees must follow.

Tripism’s Corporate Travel Communications Platform Surpasses Pre-Covid Peak

The picture may be getting clearer, but the pandemic temporarily made it impossible for corporate travel buyers to predict where and when company employees would be traveling — much less staying, eating or meeting. Shedding light on this is becoming one of the more appreciated benefits of a U.K.-based tech firm that set out in…

Mixing Business Travel And Leisure Puts Companies On Alert For Higher Spending, Liability

Reporting on industry recovery, some travel suppliers have pointed to an uptick in trips that combine business and leisure. Such blended activity is nothing new, but the pandemic elevated its profile thanks to the changing nature of work, more employee-friendly approaches and the shock to travel itself. For organizations, the related considerations include whether to…

Researchers: Take Breaks To Maximize Effectiveness Of International Business Travel 

Corporate policies and training programs should facilitate and encourage post-trip recovery to mitigate the ill effects of international business travel, according to new research. That could mean allowing extra time to deal with jet lag or personal tasks, encouraging relaxation during trips, establishing minimum rest periods between long-haul excursions or suggesting moratoria on work communications….

Firms Distinguish Between Commuting And Travel For A Changing Workplace

Where do organizations draw the line between personal expenses for daily commutes and reimbursable travel spending? That was easier to answer before the pandemic popularized remote and hybrid work arrangements. With more employees living and working further afield, the need to consider what happens when they come to the office either regularly or occasionally has…

Messaging Can Keep Corporate Travelers On The Right Road As Gas Prices Rise

As fuel costs increase, travel buyers may want to revisit and refresh their car rental policies, negotiations and traveler communications.  Corporate travel policies typically recommend or require travelers to fill up before dropping off rentals. When car rental companies do the refueling, the rate may be as much as a few dollars more per gallon,…

Is Remote Work Actually Better For The Environment?

As remote-work models become increasingly popular, fewer of employees’ sustainability effects, including impacts from travel, are likely to take place under employers’ physical roofs. But they will still occur on their watch. Making work from home sustainable requires doing more than calculating a simple commute trade-off, according to Ganga Shreedharis, Kate Laffan and Laura M….

Forecasters: Business Travel Pricing Set To Rise This Year

No one should be surprised that it’s coming, and consultant Mark O’Brien expects it in the second half of this year: higher pricing for transportation and lodging. What does it mean for corporate travel buyers? According to O’Brien, a BCD Travel exec until 2021 who now runs Avenue5 Consulting, hotel prices will be up by…

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