In corporate travel, sourcing is all about negotiating deals with airlines, hotels, car rental companies and other suppliers. Of course, organizations want to get the best value, but travel procurement is about more than price. It’s also about using data to monitor performance on both sides, working with intermediaries, building deeper relationships and exploring new technologies that improve processes.

Some examples
Extending or renegotiating contracts
• Assessing marketshare and volumes
• Hotel RFPs, rates, LRA and security
Political and social considerations
Working with intermediaries

How Blockchain Can Simplify Partnerships

Fabrice Lumineau is professor of strategic management at the University of Hong Kong. Wenqian Wang is a Ph.D. student of strategic management at Purdue University. Oliver Schilke is an associate professor of management and organizations at the University of Arizona. Laura Huang is an associate professor of business administration at Harvard Business School. Their article…

Reporter’s Notebook: Feds On Health Passports, Buyers On TMC Services, Hotel Sourcing Strategies, Going Green In Lodging

Today’s industry dialogue is all about how and when business travel comes back. A big part of the how is making travelers feel confident and streamlining their journeys. Many see digital health passports as an answer. The U.S. government last week indicated it would provide guidelines for new health credential systems. A panel of government…

Former American Airlines Strategist Envisions Shift In Corporate Travel Discounts And Agency Incentives

What if airline incentives paid to travel management companies don’t rebound? Former American Airlines head of global sales and distribution strategy Cory Garner thinks carriers should invest some of these dollars in interactions with corporate travelers and personalized fares. Garner argued in a Tuesday post that unstable airline capacity and feeble business traffic leave a lot…

Tripbam Data: Hilton Passed Marriott In Corporate Travel Share

In January and February of last year, Tripbam clients made about 80 percent more bookings with Marriott properties than they did with Hilton brands. In April, Hilton surpassed Marriott as the top hospitality company booked in the United States by corporations that use Tripbam, and it’s been that way ever since. During January 2021, Tripbam…

GetThere’s Founders Return To Lead Hotel RFP Technology Company BTP Automation

Twenty-five years ago in Palo Alto, Calif., Internet Travel Network made the first online airline reservation. Founders Al Whaley, Dan Whaley and Bruce Yoxsimer took the company public with a new name, GetThere, and in 2000 sold it to Sabre for more than $750 million. It’s 2021, and Bruce and Dan are back, targeting one…

United Wants To Minimize Corporate Travel Fare Discounts And Hired A Marriott Sales Leader To Help

One goal of the United Airlines distribution strategy is to move corporate clients away from price as a differentiator. It’s still in the early days of that, but recent tests with SAP Concur Travel and other channels promise an environment where product and service benefits play an equal or bigger role than discounts in client…

McKinsey Highlights Travel As Poster Child For Outsourcing

In a November paper that otherwise favored optimizing indirect procurement over outsourcing it, McKinsey & Co. suggested companies consider outsourcing travel procurement. It’s debatable whether outsourcing purchasing in indirect categories such as travel saves money. Nevertheless, some industry pros figured current cost pressures in certain industries would prompt more companies to look at outsourcing travel…

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